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Hao Feng

Assistant Professor

Shanghai University of International Business and Economics

Research Fields: Environmental Economics, Public Economics, Urban Economics



Papers in English:

"School Quality and Housing Prices: Empirical Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Shanghai, China," Journal of Housing Economics, 22: 291-307, 2013 joint with Ming Lu. 

Papers in Chinese:

"Spatial Agglomeration and Pollution Reduction: An Empirical Analysis of How Intra-Province Spatial Distribution of Industries Affects Pollution," The Journal of World Economy (Shijie Jingji), No. 7: 86-114, 2014 joint with Ming Lu.

"School Choice Through Housing Purchase: The Empirical Evidence and Policy Implication of How Education Affects Housing Prices," The Journal of World Economy (Shijie Jingji), No. 12: 89-104, 2010 joint with Ming Lu.

Working Papers

"Trans-boundary Air Pollution and Regional Decentralization in China"

"Trans-boundary Air Pollution and Industrial Relocation: a Model for the Effects on Non-polluting Industries"

Work in Progress

"The Consequences of Trans-boundary Air Pollution in China: Empirical Evidence for the Negative Effects on Non-polluting Industries"

"Information Disclosure of Environmental Pollution and Regional Political Competition in China"


"Spatial Agglomeration and Trans-boundary Air Pollution: How Regional Economic Policies Affect Pollution Emission in China"


Microeconomics (Undergraduate)

Intermediate Macroeconomics (Undergraduate)

Topics in Institutional and Development Economics (Graduate)

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